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Anastassia is an extremely passionate and motivated young professional with a highly creative vision. Therefore, no matter what makeup look she is doing, she always goes out of her way and pays deep attention to every detail.
Ana has lots of experience in makeup and hairstyling for beauty productions. She worked in editorial shoots and commercial videos for various brands. Her work is posted in a number of magazines including: Laffaire, Stylecruze, GMARO and more.
Anastassia was born and raised in Europe. That’s where she got a solid base of makeup knowledge. Moreover, she also lived in the US for a while where she worked with a diversity of ethnicities. She is constantly learning and improving her skills as she is a quite purposeful girl. In fact, she knows exactly how to go towards her career goals.

Client List: 

Gozlan Jewelry.

The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group.

Burger Factory.

Hangar 18 Media.

Vaughan Playhouse Theatre.


L’affaire Magazine.

GMARO Magazine.

StyleCruze Magazine.

ModelzView Magazine.

Fienfh Magazine.

Beautymute Paris.

Vigour Magazine.

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