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From One Woman to a Team of Top-Class Talent

Founder Faye Smith first began her career as a solo hair and makeup artist back in her home country of England. After she moved to Canada, Faye trained at the world-renowned Blanche MacDonald school. Subsequently, she launched her own company in 2008. In 2015, the formerly known Faye Smith Makeup & Hair rebranded to Faye Smith Agency.

Faye has a passion for discovering and encouraging emerging beautician superstars throughout Canada. Therefore, she scouts the best artists and technicians providing their clients with the highest quality beauty services. Moreover, she carried this over into the salon world at Primp & Proper located in Gastown, the heart of Vancouver, BC. In late 2023 Faye launched a new area of her business in Event Pop Ups representing Tattoo and Jewellery artists who offer fun Pop Up Parlours for special events. 

Naturally, utilizing such talent has enabled the business to create astonishing pieces for a wide range of clients, across Canada and beyond. In order to find out more about our agency and artists, check our artists’ portfolios.

Check our most our most experienced, skilled and well-known roster of artists, our Master Stylists and Educators.

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