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Faye Smith Agency is a team of multi-award-winning, published, and celebrity makeup and hair artists spread across various locations in Canada, with our largest teams stationed in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario. Our All-Star Team proudly offers three tiers of artists, accommodating diverse budgets and styling preferences. Committed to excellence, our 24/7 on-call coordination team works tirelessly to ensure the seamless execution of your bookings. With us, you can expect nothing less than excellence in every aspect of our services.

Faye Smith Agency offers a specialty mobile makeup and hair service, catering to a wide range of occasions. Whether it’s your wedding, graduation, gala, night out, photoshoot, commercial production, or fashion show, our team is here to create the perfect look for you! Our Halloween makeup services are in high demand, as we proudly represent talented Special FX, Face Painting and Body Painting artists. From Afro-Textured Hair and Curly Hair to Wig Styling, our expert hair stylists can work with all hair types. Additionally, our makeup artists are skilled in creating stunning looks for all skin tones and types. We take pride in being an all-inclusive agency, celebrated and embraced by the LGBTQ+ community.

Faye Smith Academy offers personal and professional education both online and in-person. Among our most popular services is our personalized makeup lessons, which take place at our Gastown Salon, Primp & Proper in Vancouver British Columbia.

In late 2024 Faye expanded Faye Smith Agency’s artist representation into Tattoo Artists, Body Painters and Jewellery makers offering Pop Up Parlours for wedding and special events. 


With our exceptional services and talented team of stylists, we offer numerous reasons why you should choose us for your makeup and hair needs.

Unmatched Expertise and Variety

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Faye Smith Agency proudly stands out as a leading makeup and hair agency. Our team comprises over 100 skilled stylists spread across two provinces, each possessing specialized skill sets to ensure inclusivity for all skin tones, hair types, cultures, sexes, and genders.

Seamless Coordination and Convenience

At Faye Smith Agency, we take pride in our 24/7 on-call coordination team, dedicated to ensuring that your booking runs smoothly from start to finish. Our team is readily available to answer any questions, provide guidance, and make the entire process as convenient as possible for you. We understand the significance of stress-free planning and execution, allowing you to focus on enjoying every moment of your event.

Inclusive Comprehensive Services

Faye Smith Agency takes pride in offering a wide range of services to meet all your makeup and hair needs. Our passion extends to working on set productions and various events. Whether it’s bridal makeup and hair styling, guest services, airbrush makeup, photoshoot or special events makeup and hair, South Asian style makeup and hair, or traditional garment setting, our talented stylists can bring your vision to life with finesse and creativity.

Award-Winning Expertise

Under the leadership of our founder, Faye Smith, an award-winning bridal stylist, our agency is dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Our team includes master stylists who have earned recognition and accolades for their talent and dedication to their craft. With us, you can trust that you are in the hands of industry professionals who are passionate about creating exquisite makeup and hair looks.

Proven Track Record

With over 1000 weddings under our belt, we boast a wealth of experience in making brides look and feel their best on their big day. Our exceptional work has been featured in numerous wedding publications, and we take pride in receiving hundreds of glowing reviews from satisfied clients. At Faye Smith Agency, your satisfaction and happiness are our top priorities.

Personalized Approach

We firmly believe that every client is unique, and your makeup and hair look should reflect your individual style and preferences. For this reason, we offer customizable artist tiers, multiple package options, and personalized recommendations. Our dedicated coordination team works closely with you to ensure we match you with the perfect stylist who truly understands your vision and brings it to life with creativity and precision.

Long-Lasting and Photogenic Looks

Our talented artists are trained stylists who go the extra mile to ensure your makeup and hairstyle are not only stunning but also long-lasting and photogenic. Using special techniques, high-quality products from renowned professional and luxury brands, and thorough consultations, we create looks that will shine throughout your special day and in your cherished photographs.

Trial Sessions and Expert Guidance

At Faye Smith Agency, we wholeheartedly understand the significance of feeling confident in your chosen look for your special day. That’s why our wedding packages include trial sessions, granting you the opportunity to collaborate closely with your stylist, experiment with various styles, and make necessary adjustments to achieve your desired bridal look. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing expert guidance and tailored recommendations, taking into account your unique features and preferences.

Commitment to Your Happiness

At Faye Smith Agency, our unwavering commitment is to leave a positive and lasting impression on every client we serve. We take immense pride in our ability to deliver exceptional services that create truly unforgettable experiences. Recognizing the uniqueness of each client, we are dedicated to providing a fully individualized approach that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Your satisfaction and happiness are at the core of everything we do, and we are honored to be a part of making your special moments truly remarkable.

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