Kay is a makeup artist from India who is specialized in Traditional South Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup and is now servicing clients in Toronto and The Greater Toronto Area. She has been working as a makeup artist for over 10 years now and became Sephora certified when she moved to Toronto. 

Something fun to know about Kay is that she worked as a columnist writing beauty articles for one of the largest newspapers in India. Furthermore, she has styled makeup for celebrities in Dubai including PayPal Gandhi and Sheikh Afifa.

One of Kay’s favourite beauty tips to share with clients is the importance of skincare as a foundation for great makeup. A well-maintained skincare routine can enhance the longevity and overall look of makeup. Kay often advises clients to prioritize cleansing, moisturizing, and using sunscreen daily to achieve a glowing complexion that complements any makeup style they choose.

“Your beauty is unique and captivating. Makeup is a tool to express yourself, enhance your features, and celebrate your individuality. Embrace your inner confidence and let your beauty shine in every way you choose,” says Kay.

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