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Dive into the FAQ page at Faye Smith Agency to uncover all the details you’re curious about. From bridal makeup inquiries to our artist expertise, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list to guide and assist you. Let our FAQs put your mind at ease and help you prepare for your beauty transformation

General Questions

Can I request a specific artist?

Absolutely! Faye Smith Agency represents three tiers of artists which enables us to accommodate every client’s styling needs and budget. You can review Master Stylist, Senior Stylist, and Junior Stylist portfolios and rates on our website. If your requested artist is not available we will advise on the most suitable available artist.

What is the difference between the three tiers of artists?

Master Stylists are the most experienced. They are celebrity artists, award winners, published with specialized skills. Their services are priced the highest. Senior stylists are well established, skilled and experienced. They are the mid price point. Junior stylists are fresh out of makeup and hair school and are being mentored by Faye Smith Agency. Their services are priced low because they are still learning.

Do you offer Airbrush Makeup?

Yes! We absolutely love Airbrush Makeup. This type of makeup costs a little bit more than hand applied makeup but it is absolutely worth spending the extra dollars to ensure your makeup lasts all day and all night. Airbrush makeup is great for oily skin types as it stays matte all day. A dewy finish can still be applied on top if desired. It requires little to no touch-ups which is fantastic for long days!

Do you have hair accessories for me to choose from?

Yes! We carry a beautiful selection of hair accessories on our online shop (www.primpnproper.com) and in our Gastown Salon in Vancouver BC, Canada. You can purchase a hair accessory to bling up your hairstyle.

Can I rent a hair accessory?

We no longer offer hair accessory rentals. You will need to purchase a hair accessory if you want to wear one in your hair.

Do you have hair extensions I can use?

We offer both retail and rental of clip-in hair extensions. We carry 16-22” lengths and general colours including shades of Black, Brown, Red and Blonde.

Do you have hair extensions for highlighted hair or unusual hair colours?

While we do carry a large selection of hair extensions we do not have the right hair extensions for everybody. Depending on your hairstyle choice and hair color you may need to source out your own hair extensions.

Do I have to wear hair extensions?

No! While hair extensions do often help to make hair vision come to life they are not always needed and are by no means mandatory.

Do you use the same brushes and products on every client?

Yes we use the same brushes and products on every client. They are properly sanitized between each client to ensure the brushes and products are clean, sanitized and are as good as new for each person.

How far do you travel?

We travel anywhere and everywhere in the world. All expenses including food and travel must be paid by the client in addition to the service fees. A minimum booking may apply.

How can I book my appointment?

You can fill out the booking form on our website contact page, email info@fayesmith.ca, or call our coordinators on 778-788-3552 to make an appointment.

How do I maintain my lipstick throughout the day?

For Brides we provide a complimentary touch-up kit which includes your custom lip color and applicator, powdered blotting papers and more. For everyone else touch-up kits are available to purchase but must be pre-ordered. If you do not pre-order a touch-up kit we recommend you have your own lip color and blotting papers with you to maintain your makeup throughout the day.

Is the price less if I don’t need or want false eyelashes?

False eyelashes are included as a complimentary item with all of our makeup services excluding headshot makeup and children’s makeup. If you do not want to wear fake eyelashes it will not change the price of the makeup service. False  eyelashes are not compulsory and you are welcome to opt out of having them.

When should I schedule my hair and makeup to be finished by?

For weddings we recommend scheduling your hair and makeup to be finished at least one hour before you intend on leaving for your event. This allows buffer time in case the styling schedule is running behind, as well as time for you to get dressed and take photographs. More time is always better! For all other bookings we recommend at least 30 minutes prior to the time you need to leave for your event. Buffer time is always good to have.

Why do you charge a concierge fee for weddings?

Weddings take a lot of planning in order to ensure your wedding day hair and makeup schedule runs smoothly. We may exchange over 100 emails over the course of up to a year and sometimes more. We adjust your booking for you as your plans change, drafting schedules and revising schedules. The concierge fee covers a small amount of the cost of having a 24:7 coordination team who work hard to ensure all of your beauty needs are met.

Why do you charge a travel fee?

Our artists travel long and far in order to be there for your beauty needs. Travel fees cover the cost of gas, parking, and a little for their travel time.

How should I prepare my home or hotel room for my artist?

Please have a clean surface available for your artist to set up on, as well as a tall chair for makeup and a low chair for hair. They will need to be near an outlet and in good lighting such as next to a window.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all credit cards including Amex, Interac e-transfer, debit, cash, and paypal.

We do not accept cheques.

Can I change my booking after I have signed the contract and paid the deposit.

Absolutely. We understand that plans change and we are happy to accommodate changes wherever possible. You can add or subtract services from your booking up until two weeks before the booking date for weddings, and 24 hours before for all other bookings. The 50% deposit remains non-refundable in all cases.

Is gratuity included?

Gratuity is not included in our pricing. While gratuity is not mandatory it is very much appreciated by your artist. You can leave them a tip when you pay your final invoice, or give them cash at the time of the booking.

Wedding/Grad Trial Questions

Do I have to pay to have a trial?

Yes. We charge for all of our services including trials. Trials are recommended but not mandatory. You can opt out of having a trial if you wish.

Can I book a trial before I confirm my wedding/grad day booking?

Absolutely! We will hold the wedding/grad date for you for two weeks from the date of your initial inquiry. We will book your trial on the soonest date that you and your stylist have available. After the trial if you choose to go ahead and confirm your wedding/grad day booking we will credit the trial cost to your full package to ensure you are getting the best price.

How should I prepare for the trial?

We have written a great blog for you so you know exactly how to prepare for your trial. Read the blog here.

When is the best time to book a trial?

Generally 2-6 months prior to your event date is the ideal time to have your trial. This gives you time to do any beauty treatments recommended by your artist such as facials, brow grooming, eyelash enhancements, hair color, and haircuts.

Can I have more than one trial?

Absolutely! It is very common for Brides to want to try out a few different looks to ensure that they truly love their wedding day look. You can book as many trials as you wish. We recommend coordinating them with a special occasion to make good use of the hair and makeup. 

Can I book my trial on a weekend?

Our artists are usually booked with weddings on weekends but we may be able to fit you in on a weekend late afternoon. Do expect that your trial will likely take place on a weekday or weekday evening.

Can I use my trial for my engagement photoshoot?

Yes, although we only recommend this if you want to wear the same hair and makeup look for your engagement photos as your wedding day since at the end of your trial you will be wearing your wedding look.

Where will the trial take place?

Trials with our Vancouver team are usually hosted in our salon, Primp & Proper, located at 73 East Cordova Street. You can request to have your trial elsewhere though mobile fees will apply. For all other areas trials will take place at your location of choice and mobile fees apply in addition to the wedding day mobile fees.

What do I do if I don’t know what hair and makeup look I want or what will suit me?

We recommend looking on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. It is best to search for designs created on people who look similar to you i.e the same hair length, thickness, texture and color, the same skin tone, and the same eye color.

What happens if I don’t like the look created at my trial?

We travel anywhere and everywhere in the world. All expenses including food and travel must be paid by theYou are welcome to book another trial to test out other looks or to work with a different stylist. Additional trials are paid for by the client. Faye Smith Agency does not pay for additional trials. We recommend reading this blog before your trial to ensure you are prepared and know what to expect. client in addition to the service fees. A minimum booking may apply.

Bookings & Payments

What do I need to do to secure my booking?

We require a 50% deposit, and for weddings we also require a signed contract. We give a three day grace period before the deposit becomes non-refundable.

What is the cancellation policy?

For weddings we have a two week (14 days) cancellation policy and for all other bookings 24 hours. Canceling or rescheduling within these times will result in the loss of your deposit.

Please keep in mind that the initial 50% deposit for the wedding booking becomes non-refundable 3 days after signing the contract and paying the deposit.

What happens if I need to change the time or location of my booking?

We book your artists for your requested timeline, date and location. They will accept other bookings around yours. Although we will always do our best to accommodate your requests, your artist may or may not be available for your new time and location request. In this case we will book a different artist who is available for your new timeline and location.

What happens if I need to reschedule?

As long as the reschedule request happens outside of the cancellation terms then we are happy to reschedule your booking for you as needed.

What happens if my artist is sick?

We will send a suitable replacement in their place.

What is the next step after I receive the quote?

Please accept the quote. Accepting the quote is no commitment. You will then be able to read over your contract. Please let us know if you have any questions before you go ahead and sign the contract. You will then receive an invoice to pay your deposit amount by Interac e-transfer or credit card online. This will confirm your booking.

Did not find an answer to you question?Our 24/7 coordinator team is happy to help with any questions or concerns you have!

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