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Andrea was born and raised in Lima, Peru, and since moved to Vancouver in 2012 to pursue her dream career. She has been inspired by makeup art and beauty for as long as she can remember. After working in different fields, including fashion, she decided to start a career in makeup artistry to follow her true passion. She hasn’t stopped since and is loving every minute of it!

Andrea started her career working with modeling agencies such as Liz Bell Agency and Stranger Agency. After that, she spread her wings in makeup for photography and fashion, with her work now published in a wide range of magazines throughout the world. Since then she has expanded her experience into retail by working with MAC Cosmetics, and as a freelance Artist for the Charlotte Tilbury team in Canada.

Currently Andrea is teamed up with big name photographers in the city styling makeup & hair for actors, along with specializing in Bridal, Fashion, Commercial and Advertising. Furthermore, Andrea has been a Makeup and Hair instructor at one of the top schools in the city, John Casablancas, for over 8 years now where she shares her knowledge and experience with up and coming artists. All of these great achievements is what makes her a Master Makeup and Hair stylist at Faye Smith Agency. 

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