MAKEUP and hair


Comet is a makeup and hair artist with many specialized skills including; South Asian Bridal Makeup, Tattoo Covers and Body Painting. Since graduating from John Casablanca Institute where they won the Top Student and Perfect Attendance award, Comet has worked on two short films and two fashion photoshoots, one of which got published in Lucy’s Magazine.  

Comet loves creating beautiful looks that allow those that they work with to feel empowered and gorgeous. They find great joy in knowing that they are able to help people feel happy and comfortable in their skin through the power of makeup and hair art.

A product that Comet cannot live with is CeraVe night moisturizer. “It preps skin amazingly and gives this glorious fresh look. Plus it never pills! I find that it is one of the best primers for a smooth application. Prevents that cakey/thick feeling when applying foundation or concealer.”