Budget Friendly Makeup Artist

budget friendly makeup artist

In 2023 Faye Smith Agency introduced an additional tier of makeup and hair artists, Junior Stylists. Recognizing that we are living in a post-pandemic world where inflation is out of control and wages simply do not match the cost of living, we wanted to offer our clients a more affordable option for their hair and makeup services. Finding ways to get through the Covid-19 recession means providing our clients with the option to hire a budget friendly makeup artist and hair stylist. As an all-inclusive agency it is very important to us that we accommodate the needs of all our clients. Our inclusivity is just as much for our clients as it is for our artists.

Furthermore we recognize that each graduating makeup and hair artist is beginning their career from scratch and needs opportunities to get their foot in the door and start growing their career. Being a budget friendly makeup artist and hair stylist means you can work on more faces faster!

budget friendly hair stylist

Prior to the launch of our Junior Stylist roster, as makeup and hair artist talent scouts we were often turning away artists because they didn’t have a big enough portfolio. If the quality of work from the applicant is high then we will bring the artist into our salon, Primp & Proper, to do a demo for us so we can assess their makeup and hair skills in person. Even if we sign them onto our roster after a good live demo they still have to use their portfolio and biography to complete with our senior artists who have stunning portfolios to showcase to potential clients. A new artist’s portfolio is simply less likely to win the job over a senior stylist. The launch of our Junior Stylists roster, offering budget friendly makeup artist and hair stylist services, was designed to tackle this problem and give new artists a jump start to their career.

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Our Junior Artists generally remain on this roster for 3 months to 1 year. In this time they get to work with a large volume of clients with variety in skin tones and hair types creating a range of hair and makeup designs. We encourage them to document each of the looks they create so that they can be added to their portfolio. Junior Stylists enrol in courses at Faye Smith Academy for post graduate education to further develop and perfect their styling skills. The FSA recruiters keep a close on each artist and as soon as we feel they are ready to be on our Senior Stylist roster we promote them. Each artist on our Junior Stylist roster has been selected for their exceptional skills and natural talent in makeup and hair artistry.

Faye Smith Agency currently represents 20 Junior Stylists located in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, and Toronto, enabling them to offer you budget friendly makeup artist and hair stylist services.

Please note that Junior stylists need more time to complete each service and are a good choice for simple hair and makeup designs. They are a wonderful budget-friendly option if you have lots of time to get ready in and are looking for a simple hair and makeup design.
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