Professional Makeup Artist Costs

professional makeup artist costs


Hi. My name is Faye. I have been a full-time professional makeup artist since 2008. In addition to working as a full-time freelance makeup artist I own a makeup and hair artist agency called Faye Smith Agency. Together with Faye Smith Agency‘s coordinators we manage the clients and schedules of over 200 artists across Canada. It is a lot of work but we love what we do. I am writing this blog today to talk about professional makeup artist costs.

Have you ever inquired about professional makeup services? Did you think it was expensive? In this blog post I will explain to you why a makeup artist charges what they do for their services, and teach you that it is actually not that expensive considering the cost of the makeup used to create each finished look. Professional makeup artist costs are high even after the discounts that many cosmetic companies so graciously offer to us.


When you hire a professional makeup artist you are hiring someone who has gone through expensive schooling to learn their skills, and they have honed them through the years of their career. I am positive that you are already aware that this is an important part of the service and most of the reason for the service fee. But what else is included in the cost of hiring a makeup artist?
professional makeup artist costs


Professional Makeup Artist Costs


vancouver professional makeup artist

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cost to hire makeup artist



cost to hire makeup artist


hire makeup artist


I won’t total the numbers…but professional makeup artist costs are high!

With a single application requiring about 45 products and 15 brushes you can see that it is very expensive to be a professional makeup artist. Plus, all of the liquid and cream products expire 6 months after they opened and most of them do not get used up. I hope this list helps to explain why makeup artists charge what they charge for their service and that the service fee is justified. You now also know what is in a professional makeup kit and can click on the product links to go online makeup shopping!

We hope to get to work with you soon!

With love—

Faye S.

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