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When the government ordered my salon to temporarily close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my first reaction was, “how am I going to make money?!” My business expenses are above $10,000 per month before even paying myself anything. I will be bankrupt within the year!

My second reaction was, “how am I going to keep my employees employed?” I have FINALLY found  employees that I love and that help me grow my business; this is something that is not easy to find and that I continually search for. I did not want to lose them.

We officially closed our salon doors on March 22nd, 2020, but to me, that did not mean we had to close our business entirely. I have never been one to sit back and do nothing. I have been building my business for twelve years! There was no way I was going to give up now. I knew that we had to mould our business to the current situation while we waited for our norm to return to us. Thanks to my genius co-workers, my panic was quickly suppressed and we began developing our virtual beauty lessons, even before we had officially closed our salon doors. Lindsay, Connie, and Alice are always coming up with amazing ideas that help me keep my business current. I am truly blessed to have them in my life and on my team, now more than ever.

After weeks in isolation and weeks of experimenting with “what to do,” we have finally found our groove. We teach two free and two ticketed virtual makeup and/or hair lessons a week, as well as run our online shop. We have had an online shop for a long time now but we never had the time to promote it. What better time than now? Our top selling product is, of course, Eyenvy lash growth serum. Those looking to grow their lashes longer during a time where no lash enhancement services can be conducted, love Eyenvy! It is an absolute must-have in most people’s makeup and skincare routines pre-pandemic, but more now than ever!

For me, I have been feeling the need to do something for our community. I am constantly hearing Moms talking about their children during this time. Mostly, their children driving them nuts! Kids at home and are having to be home schooled. Restless kids are unable to go outside and play with their friends. No daycare! Basically, no break for the parents. As much as parents love their kids, they need a break. So I asked myself, how can I help? I love kids! Actually, before I became a makeup artist I explored the idea of becoming a kids TV presenter.

Last week I taught my first Virtual Makeup lesson for kids. This lesson was for kids 9 years and younger. Oddly enough, when I saw how many Moms had signed their kids up for my lesson, and that some were people that I know, I felt intimidated! I spoke at the Rockridge Secondary School’s career expo earlier this year, and honestly, it was possibly the most intimidating experience I have had in a long time. If you tell a joke that is not that funny, kids don’t laugh to be polite and support you. They just look at you and stay silent.

I am happy to tell you that my Virtual Makeup Lesson for Kids 9 Years Old & Younger was a hit! We had so much fun. My favourite moment was when I asked the little ones if they had gotten mascara on their face while trying to apply it and they all said no…with black marks all over their face. Hilarious!

After the lesson, the Moms sent me photographs they had taken during the lesson, as well as messages of thanks. This small give from me was insanely fulfilling and I am so excited to teach my next free kids makeup lesson this week. This time I will be teaching kids ages 10 to 16; a tough crowd. I remember being that age, stuck between being a kid and an adult. This should be interesting!  I am so excited about the fact that a ton of my UK connections are signed up. I have scheduled this class for 9am PST, 5pm UTC. This way I can help family and friends from both my English and Canadian roots.

Sign your kids up for this Thursday April 30th Kids 9-10 Years Old Virtual Makeup Lesson now!

Photography by Diamond’s Egde Photography and Momma of these beautiful girls, Magdalena and Lucy.

Written by Faye Smith Agency Lead Stylist, and Owner of Faye Smith Agency and Primp & Proper , Faye Smith

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18 thoughts on “Kids Virtual Makeup Lessons

  1. Alice Waked says:

    My daughter dream is to learn makeup when she is still 7 .. she always watches those Chinese kids who are experts in make up and want to be the same …
    Please if you are having another course for kids please let me know.

    Thank you

  2. Theresa Simpatico says:

    Hi there, I am interested in buying a couple of lessons for my daughter and her friend 12&13. They want to learn how to do eye shadow, blush, liner and anything else. Please let me know how much two private lessons would cost. Thanks!

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