Airbrush Foundation: Why Is It Better?

What Is Airbrush Foundation?

An extremely thin fluid airbrush foundation made up of smaller particles than traditional foundation.

We offer this product as an added service to any client, however, we highly recommend it for those with oily skin or in circumstances when your makeup needs to last a long time. Airbrush Foundation is perfect for brides and will keep you looking flawless in your photos!

How does it work?

The product is forced through a pressurized airbrush gun or pen and comes out as a fine mist. The super-fine particles of airbrush foundation create a featherweight coverage on the skin. As a result, the product does not settle into pores, wrinkles or fine lines. Essentially, airbrush foundation creates millions of tiny dots of colour on the skin, which allows the natural skin to still somewhat show through, creating a super natural look. When applied properly, it gives the appearance of a flawless complexion that is water-resistant and lasts a very long time.

How Does Air Brush Foundation Feel?

When being airbrushed you will feel a slightly cool breeze on your face. This is because the air is pressurized, which lowers the temperature. Airbrush foundation is able to be applied faster than traditional foundation, so the entire process takes only minutes. Many users comment on the lighter-than-air feeling of airbrush foundation, saying it feels as though they aren’t even wearing makeup!


  • Less Touch: Since the artist makes no physical contact with the skin during airbrushing, this method is highly recommended for those who are sensitive to touch, or simply prefer to not be touched as much.
    Transfer proof: Airbrushed foundation does not transfer onto clothing, which means your wedding dress will stay white and you won’t lose your face on your guests clothing either.
  • Water Resistant: Many brands of airbrush makeup are silicone based which makes them water resistant. As a result, your foundation will not run or streak, regardless of how many tears you shed! Just remember that if you do cry or sweat to always pat dry instead of rubbing.
  • Longwearing: Airbrush foundation has extremely long wear time, from 12-24 hours depending on brand and application techniques.
  • Matte Finish: this is especially good for oily skin types because it allows the skin oils to come through it, instead of breaking it down the way it does traditional foundation.

How do I get it?

Airbrush Foundation is available as an upgraded service with all makeup appointments at Faye Smith Agency for an extra fee of only $30. A small price to pay to guarantee a flawless complexion that will last you all day! Book your makeup appointment with us today!

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