Healthy Before Your Wedding

Eating Healthy Before Your Wedding

Why You Should Be Eating Healthy Before Your Wedding

There are many reasons why you should be eating healthy before your wedding. Weight and diets tend to be sensitive topics — more so when preparing for a big event. In fact, Toronto Star’s write-up says that unprompted inquiries about weight loss are questions you should never ask a bride-to-be. That’s because the underlying implication that one’s current body is not bride-worthy can stir feelings of profound inadequacy.

That can lead brides to take extreme weight loss measures, such as using diet pills or
skipping meals. However, this is counterproductive. Consistent research has shown us
that eating healthy is the best course of action for a picture-perfect wedding. Not
convinced? Keep reading for a closer look.



There are many reasons why you should be eating healthy before your wedding. 

Higher energy

Planning for a wedding can take a toll on your mental and physical energy, and an
unhealthy diet beforehand does nothing to help. That’s why many brides running on
auto-pilot and adrenaline tend to crash as their energy levels hit rock bottom.

Getting the right amounts of carbohydrates, fats, and protein can pre-condition your
body. Brides-to-be must keep that macronutrient balance in mind by planning all of
their meals. Whole foods or minimally processed foods are best, so an example of a
good breakfast would be a slice of whole-grain toast with peanut butter and a banana.
Following this tip in your daily meal patterns will also decrease your reliance on
things like caffeine. Excessive intake can cause jitters and irritation, even if it is
helpful during long days of wedding planning.

Maintaining fitness

Naturally, you’ll want your body to look its best at the wedding. The most efficient
way for this to happen is by planning nutrition-dense meals. These can help maintain
your body’s fitness and help you reach any weight goal sustainably. This means losing
or gaining weight and building muscle without compromising your health.

Therefore, your diet plan must be tailored to your body and any specific conditions
you may have. This can be time-consuming, however, and brides-to-be who have a lot
on their plate can turn to weight loss plans to keep things easier. These have
personalized diet plans vetted by dieticians and nutritionists, so your meals are
delicious, healthy, and within your budget. This is the better alternative to crash diets,
which tend to lead to bloating, weight gain, and hair and skin damage in the long run.

Glowing skin

Starving your skin of nutrients can lead to sallow, dry skin and an older-looking
complexion. Additionally, consuming diets high in sugar and processed foods can
lead to inflammation or acne breakouts.

For smooth and glowing skin, you should stick to a healthy skin diet that is rich in
vitamin A, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Low-fat dairy products like low-fat
yogurts are a great snack alongside berries, nuts, and healthier proteins like salmon.

Stronger hair

Your diet can also affect the strength and lustre of your hair. Studies suggest
deficiencies in vitamins B12 and D, biotin, riboflavin, iron, and other nutrients are
associated with hair loss. Eating nutrition-dense foods for hair growth, such as eggs,
berries, or spinach, can help keep your hair shiny and healthy. This has to be done in
moderation, however. That’s because while nutrients like vitamin A can affect the production
of sebum, which helps keep hair healthy, too much vitamin A can also cause hair loss.

This is key to remember, especially if you expose your cuticles to heat or heavy
chemicals like hairspray on your special day. That’s why it's recommended to set
wedding hair and makeup trial before the event so that you can test out different
looks. Our talented makeup and hair artists at FSA are highly experienced and will
surely help you reach your full potential as a blushing bride.

This is the importance of planning ahead and taking care of your health. With the right
food choices, you can ensure that your wedding will be a special memory for years to

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