Professional Hair Workshops in November

november workshops
Faye Smith Agency is offering 6 professional hair workshops for hair and makeup artists this November. Learn how to save time and upgrade your updos with Styling U-Pins Workshop or Choose from 5 workshop options on South Asian Bridal hairstyling

The Time is Now

Summer has come to a close, you’re coming off the adrenaline of early mornings and late nights and now wondering what’s in store. As professional hair and makeup artists, we know Fall is the slowest time for the industry. We go through constant waves of barely can keep up busy times and the ‘is there anybody out there’ slow seasons. Instead of worrying over the gaps in your calendar, take this opportunity to do some behind the scenes work and upgrade your skills. There’s plenty of work around the corner. 

Take Your Education to the Next Level

Prepare now for a bigger and busier year bridal season of Summer 2023. Brush up on your skills with Faye Smith Agency’s Master Stylists. Faye and Neetu have designed 6 professional hair workshops that will set you apart from other artists. Learn time efficient updo styles with Styling U-Pins Workshop or choose from 5 workshop options on South Asian Bridal Styling including hairstyling, jewelery, dupatta and more. These courses are designed to meet you where you’re at. Choose from a selection of individual workshops and seminars or go all in with a 2 Day Bootcamp. See below for details.

Learn from our Master Stylists

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist looking to expand your skill, don’t miss these workshops led by Faye Smith Agency Master Stylists.

Styling with U-Pins | Pro Event Hair Styling Tricks You Need to Know – November 21

In this class, Faye will teach you how to properly execute an advanced Braided High Updo hairstyle incorporating hair padding, hair extensions, hair braiding, and most importantly the star of the class, U-PINS! Faye will also incorporate and demonstrate how to use a mini crimper to achieve volume with or without the use of backcombing. She will advise on when and where to cut corners in a given hairstyle to speed up the styling process and get you to the finished result much faster.

Indian Bridal Hairstyling, Dressing & Saree Tying *2 DAY BOOTCAMP* – November 27-28

Neetu wants to share her knowledge and tips for South Asian hairstyling, dupatta pinning and saree tying. Students signing up to this class must have basic knowledge and understanding of hair styling skills, including basic curling and pinning. In this class, Neetu will teach you how to properly execute advanced Updo and Down Do hairstyles incorporating hair padding and hair extensions. She will also show you how to properly secure a Dupatta and Traditional Indian Bridal Jewellery, and how to pin a Saree. The styles shown will be relevant to current 2022/2023 wedding trends.

Individual workshop or seminar options available below:

Indian Bridal Updo Hairstyling, Dupatta & Jewellery Setting *SEMINAR ONLY* – November 27

Indian Bridal Updo Hairstyling, Dupatta & Jewellery Setting *WORKSHOP* – November 27

Indian Bridal Reception Down Hairstyling & Saree Tying *SEMINAR ONLY* – November 28

Indian Bridal Reception Down Hairstyling & Saree Tying *WORKSHOP* – November 28

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