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Advantages of Airbrush Makeup


Advantages of Airbrush Makeup & How Does It Work When it comes to achieving a flawless and long-lasting makeup look, airbrush makeup has become increasingly popular among beauty and fashion enthusiasts and professional makeup artists. The technique involves using an airbrush machine to apply makeup in a fine mist, resulting in a smooth, even, and […]

Professional Airbrush Makeup Course

Professional Airbrush Makeup Course

Faye Smith Academy’s second online course has now been launched; Professional Airbrush Makeup Course. In this Professional Airbrush Makeup Course you will learn all about the tools, equipments and products that you need to add Airbrush Makeup to your service list as a professional makeup artist. Award winning makeup and hair artist, Faye Smith, will […]

Why Choose Airbrush Makeup?

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What is airbrush makeup & why choose it over regular makeup?⁠ Airbrush makeup is a long-lasting, waterproof application alternative invented for a flawless finish that lasts hours longer than regular makeup. Faye Smith Agency offers airbrush makeup as an add-on to any booking! Inquire today.⁠