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Dwija is a seasoned professional makeup artist and hairstylist based in Vancouver, BC, with over a decade of experience acquired in India before relocating to Canada in 2020. Since then, she has received her diploma certification from Blanche Macdonald and has made a mark in the industry, specializing in a wide range of services such as bridal Makeup and Hairstyling, corporate and special events and fashion and editorial photoshoots. Her expertise extends to both Western and Indian bridal events.

Her professionalism is a hallmark of her work, characterized by unwavering diligence, punctuality, and a warm and approachable personality that instills confidence in her clients. She remains attuned to the latest hairstyle trends and demonstrates a profound understanding of diverse skin tones and makeup techniques. She consistently goes above and beyond to exceed her clients’ expectations, ensuring a delightful and stress-free experience within a meticulously clean and sanitized work environment.

Dwija is not just a makeup artist and hairstylist but an expert professional who comprehends the unique needs of her clients, delivering consistently exceptional results.

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