It is hair iron review time!


It is hair iron review time! Isa Professional were kind enough to ship one of their curling wands to me and I have to say, I love it! I crank all of my irons to the highest temperature, usually 450 degrees, but for some reason some irons work better than others, even when set to the same temperature.

My hair is fine and heat generally travels through each strand fairly quickly, which means I can curl my entire head of hair fairly fast. This is a bonus to having fine hair. The quality of the iron really does make a difference with all hair types. The hotter the iron gets (safely and not burning your hair off, of course), the fast you can curl hair, period.

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I highly recommend purchasing the ISA Professional Heat resistant gloves on sale for $12.99! As a full-time professional hair and makeup artist of almost 13 years now, I am very much used to burning myself from time to time. For you, however, it can easily be avoided by wearing a heat resistant glove. With wands in particular, it is very easy to burn yourself. Curling your hair with a wand means getting your arms all twisted up like an Octopus and naturally, your arm and the wand can come in contact from time to time. Just get the glove and you will avoid that.

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Thanks for reading and happy styling everyone!

Faye Smith

Owner & Lead Stylist at Faye Smith Agency

Owner of Gastown Beauty Salon, Primp & Proper

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